Raise Funds for Hospice Programs

Hospice Cup is not just another race, its also a fundraiser for hospice programs throughout Maryland, D.C., and Virginia.

Crew fundraising is a fun and easy way to get involved and help Hospice Cup realize its mission of raising funds for and awareness of hospice care.

Your support of Hospice is needed more than ever. Our Hospice partners are helping our communities navigate through the COVID- 19 crisis. Grief counseling has always been in the fabric of Hospice, and instrumental in helping so many families cope with loss.

COVID-19 has even heightened the need for these services with many in our communities dealing with the loss of loved ones, that they often were not able to be within their final hours or have any closure with their passing. These services are often not covered by insurance and why in 2023, Hospice Cup focused on the support of Grief and Bereavement Services.


There are many ways to get involved! Are you a sailor? Race in the event! Want to make an impact, volunteer for the shore party! Can’t make the event? Donate!

We need you in any capacity you can give, and we are so grateful for your support!